Call for Abstracts

Abstract acceptance emails will be sent by the end of day on Friday, February 1, 2019.

The fourth biennial conference for Honors Education at Research Universities will take place May 21-22, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Our overarching focus is on Honors Education for 21st Century Challenges: Educating informed, engaged, and ethical leaders in local and global settings.

Although proposals on all things HERU are welcome, we are especially looking for proposals in the following areas:

  • 21st Century Challenges: Diversity and Inclusion; Civic/community engagement; Multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary scholarship; Internationalism/Globalism; (e.g., international and refugee student experiences, connecting curriculum to global issues and perspectives); Technology (e.g., technology in classroom, online classes, advisor interactions with Canvas); Generational change (e.g., post-millennial students); Honors as a model for higher education more broadly.
  • Innovations in Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Assessment: Innovative pedagogical techniques; experiential learning, Honors as pedagogical laboratory; adapting curriculum to a changing scholarly landscape and to changes in the students we serve; (i.e., diversity of students reflected in curriculum and learning methods, experiential learning, etc.)
  • Student Life-Cycle: Pipelines, recruitment, admissions, enrollment, graduation, and beyond (i.e., recruiting a new generation, diversifying Honors populations, holistic admissions process, advising, mentoring students into the post-graduation years).
  • Civic/Community Engagement: Role of Honors education in shaping engaged citizens; practices that foster civic/community engagement; role of Honors in contributing to bigger social debates; human rights advocacy, etc.
  • Development and Alumni Engagement: Strategies for mobilizing support from local and global communities; diverse ways to engage alumni; alumni and donor communities as a bridge between Honors, the broader University, and the community.